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The bi-annual NYRIS-conference offers the opportunity for all with an interest in youth research to give and receive inspiring presentations and to participate in stimulating discussions. This time NYRIS highlight is young people*s social ties - from the closest of dyads to the most distanced of the global, from the nourishing to the destructive.
Milloin 25.03.2011
alkaa 17.50 loppuu 17.50
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Plenaries include Les Back, Goldsmith College, University of London, UK, James Côté, University of Western Ontario, Canada and Janet Holland, South Bank University, UK. NYRIS10 welcomes papers and presentations that can contribute to new insights, empirical evidence and critical thinking on bonds and communities of young people, as well as other topics, from a wide range of perspectives, fields and disciplines. Please submit your abstract no later than January 14th (250 words). We welcome single presentations as well as coordinated proposals for whole sessions. On behalf of the Organizing Committee; Kristinn Hegna NYRIS10 - NOVA 3223 Elisenberg 0208 Oslo
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